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Making Guests Smile and Customers Satisfied: A Record of Accomplishment in Product Development, Customer Success, and Leadership

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Leadership is the core foundation that propels businesses towards success. Aaron Mendelson has a track record for providing exceptional leadership that drives customer success. He is an experienced product developer, team leader and customer service specialist who
I have extensive experience in leading product development efforts for business success. With a blend of creative strategies and innovative solutions, I am able to rapidly create value.
and I conduct user testing to validate their ideas, so they don't waste a lot of $$ and time building the wrong product that no one need.

About me

Aaron’s expertise in building world-class guest experiences that drive operational insight has been acquired through a combination of hands-on experience and product vision.
Starting with a degree in science and technology, he served in a leadership role at Universal Orlando’s entertainment division.
From there, Aaron spent over 10 years creating technology-driven experiences within the hospitality industry at Marriott Hotels as the Director of Special Events and Entertainment. In this position, Aaron was responsible for the strategy, execution, marketing, operation, and financial success of each entertainment event and attraction.
Using RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy, and interactive video, Aaron created a themed attraction that helped cement his ability to blend guest journey with operational excellence.
Since 2013, Aaron has been part of the WhiteWater family to successfully drive technology across multiple product lines, with each one of them contributing to the client-focused product vision and stability that Vantage enjoys today.
Vantage’s platform drives a digital guest journey on top of world-class physical destinations that include resorts, theme parks, water parks and museums. Combining unique identification for each guest and layering integrations across key venue suppliers, Vantage helps to culminate data that becomes meaningful when leveraged against the Vantage Data Visualization Platform.
Aaron’s philosophy on the intersection of product development and customer success drives his vision for new experiences that drive value for his clients.
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As a manager, a leader, and as a human being, Aaron is an example to all of us. As a leader of the Vantage organization, Aaron demonstrates a commitment to success and level of competence that is above and beyond anything I've seen in 35 years of business leadership. - Phil Edgell, Executive Leader
Aaron is one of the most effective "creative types" I have ever worked with. If you can come up with a storyline, he can flesh out the script and find the talent (with crazy costumes to boot). And he can do this while juggling 10 other tasks. (while actually juggling) (swords) (that have been lit on fire) (without the aid of a safety net) (but with a fire extinguisher hidden nearby) (he's amazing but not stupid). - Keith Salwoski, Executive Director of Communications at Silverton Casino Las Vegas